Application development process starts with brainstorm with our team and client, concept specification and ends with process development and implementation. We focus on business needs and close collaboration with the client within a whole development process to work out tool aligned with business needs. Application development is not only about coding but it is also about market research and analysis, requirements verification, IT consulting, testing and implementation. Every step is significant for a successful implementation of new product.

  • IDEA

    We are happy to discuss your development idea. We are here to advice and transform your idea into real product. This is one of the most important pieces of application development process. You don’t need to be familiar with IT terms and technology- just contact us and share your needs, improvement ideas, tell us about your processes and we will try to offer a solution customized for you.


    When you have your idea ready the next step we need to make in our process is project plan development. We advise our clients how to transform their ideas into real and recognizable on the market products. Following our experiences and market research we brainstorm within the team and with our client to get the idea enhanced, unique and serviceable. We need to become a part of your company for a while to get more familiar with the process we need to cover in new application. We start with drawing a workflow of process to understand all steps that we need to reflect in your new application.


    Before a final development we prepare a simple prototype of web/mobile application. It helps to summarize and verify all requirements. It is also a first UI testing- with a prototype we can still adjust all requirements without additional costs. It is a great value for us when we can get a first feedback from our client.


    The next step of application development process is design development. Application should have attractive design and should be easy to use at the same time. We understand that good design covers more than how a user feels about a product or service. UX and UI design shows the app’s significance to the business processes of the client and its usage. It also understands and reflects the context in which a user engages with an app. It is important for us to provide a unique product which is different than all products existing on the market. Also a good app should give you a maximum benefit with a minimum effort. We use our experience to make applications intuitive and we develop our own graphics to meet client’s needs and work out a remarkable solution. Application should be unique, intuitive and its design should be consistent with your company branding. When we know all requirements we can start working on real frontend and backend coding. We design a database structure, work on all interfaces for the client and process the first stage of testing process.


    We are ready to implement a new product and process a final testing. We provide also support services and upgrades of our products.

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