Our services

We help you develop your own custom software solution such as mobile and web applications. As a software house we provide a complex service- all steps of end to end app development includes not only frontend and backend development but also market research and analysis, requirements verification, IT consulting, testing and implementation. Application development process starts with brainstorming with our team and client, concept specification and ends with development process and implementation. We focus on business needs and close collaboration with a client within a whole process to work out a tool crafted for business needs.

  • mvp

    MVP development

    We offer a Minimum Value Product development helpful on the first stage of collaboration. MVP shows core functionalities of application but doesn’t include all features. It is good enough to be presented to your clients but needs to be fully developed before implementation. Prototypes are important during sales process - with a prototype in hand, the concept instantly becomes real and it is far easier get a new client. If you have new application idea and you want to make this application a real product, start with a prototype and get new clients before you have your tool fully developed. Minimum Value Product helps you to verify requirements, user interface and allows you to improve your final product or change direction of development including e.g. new features.

    • ASP.NET Web API
    • React or Angular
  • web

    Web development

    Our web applications are based on new technologies and customized to your business needs. We develop user friendly solutions with a modern design. For backend of our projects we usually use ASP.NET MVC or WEB API building REST services. We develop frontend part using Bootstrap for prototyping and Angular, React or Backbone. We do not avoid also our own solutions. The set of tools listed below allows us to provide carefully crafted customized software that drives performance our clients. Technology set depends on client’s needs and project specifications. Cloud based tools are the future of all innovative companies focused on improvements. Leverage your technology to improve your business building your own CRM!

    • ASP.NET Web API
    • React or Angular
  • mobile

    Mobile development

    Nowadays mobile market is vital for many branches and not only for big companies. Stable development of social media requires more customized tools that meet expectations of end users. If you want to make your business popular and adjusted to user’s needs, provide not only web application but also a mobile one for smartphones. We develop our mobile apps for the most popular operating systems: iOS and Android and our mobile products are compatible with web ones. Be visible for your clients all the time, get your own mobile app! Your business can be available for new customers - increase your online exposure and have access to your data all the time.

    • iOS
    • Android
    • React Native
  • design

    UX & UI Design

    Both UX and UI are important to achieve user’s satisfaction. Our mobile and web apps are user friendly and have carefully crafted UI based on our experiences. Easy and fast interaction between pages, icons we use, company's standards incorporation are a pieces of design process we focus on. Our applications are intuitive and easy-to-navigate what can be verified during first testing process. We create our own user interface elements to grab user’s attention to the application and make it attractive. Adding in UI/UX Design before jumping into development helps to ensure everything in the project works as expected.

    • Branding
    • Wireframing
    • User-friendly interactions

Technologies and tools we use

  • .net
  • nodejs
  • html5
  • css3
  • javascript
  • typescript
  • angular
  • react
  • kotlin
  • swift
  • sketch
  • principle

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